Patentek LLC provides full patent agent services with patent searches, invention disclosure preparation, claims drafting and representation before the USPTO.

Patentek operates with the presumption that the greatest virtue of a patent application is its technical merit. We will use our engineering and scientific experise (especially electronics, semiconductors, electrical power, computer networking, energy, optical, medical and transportation technology) to present your ideas in the best light with respect to the prior art.

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    We can provide full representation for new applications as well as assistance with ongoing prosecutions, including PCT applications. (Patent Cooperation Treaty) We can also show you how to speed up your application by filing initial documents in a foreign language, in the US.

    Patentek LLC is located near Pittsburgh, PA.

    If you have a technical idea that you would like to protect with a patent application or disclosure or if you are unable to convince the Patent Office of the merits of an existing application and just want to ask a few questions, call us at 412-257-2800 

    Patentek is especially equipped to handle applications related to consumer electronics, such as digital cameras.

    The United States Patent Office is an agency of the Department of Commerce and as such it is part of the Executive branch of government and is wholly separate from the Justice Department.