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We do not generally offer flat rate packages for filing patent applications. We prefer to provide only so much help as the applicant needs and bill only for those hours worked. We prefer to presume the same kind of competence on the part of the inventor as is accorded by legal precedent and the Patent Office. Namely the inventor is assumed to be an expert in his field. Consequently an inventor who is able to provide drawings or a partly-written specification will not be billed for re-doing of this work.

Everybody has different patent needs. Sometimes applicant may be prosecuting a patent pro se (independently) and may simply need guidance or assistance with one simple matter such as how to best describe the innovative step that distinguishes an invention from the prior art, or how to respond to communication from the Patent Office. Sometimes an inventor has an agent already but needs specific scientific or technical advice on how to best phrase an argument according to the existing body of expertise.

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This includes searches, application preparation, responding to Office actions and appeal proceedings if they arise. Applicant is, in addition, responsible for payment of USPTO fees. (see 'Links' below for a guide) Applicant is further responsible in the event that draftsman, translation or certification thereof, biotech depository or other expenses are  required to present evidence of invention. Agents travel expenses might also fall under this category, in the event that an appeal hearing or personal meeting with the examiner is in order. However every possible effort will be made to ensure that applicant is not made responsible for any expenses without first being informed beforehand.


Patentek LLC does not practice patent litigation law or any other kind of law. We can refer you to an attorney in the event you disagree with the final decision of the Commissioner of Patents and decide to pursue the matter in the courts. In such an event we will endeavor to remain available to work with you on matters involving representation before the USPTO

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