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    Provisional Patent Applications (PPA)

    At reduced cost, you can protect your idea temporarily with a provisional patent application. The PPA starts a one year clock during which time you can assess the marketability of your idea and decide whether to formal patent application. If you are able to furnish drawings or a semi-completed written specification, we will only charge you for the work we do.

    Art Searches

    Identify the areas, according to the US Patent Classification System, that correspond to your business and see who has been doing work in your area of interest.

    Patentability Potential

    Identify areas of your business that are likely to require patent protection.

    Technology Research

    The Patent Database is an effective research tool. We can also do searches that will show what patents have expired and which patents are not valid because of lapsed fees.

    Patent Office Dialog

    We may be able to suggest claim wording that will convince the Patent Office that your invention is patentable.

    Claim Preparation

    Let us show you how your claims should be worded.

    Disclosure Checking

    Disclosures must be clear and complete. We can discuss with you what you consider your invention and make sure that it is fully and clearly disclosed. If you decide to proceed to filing a patent application, your agent will have to check and file your disclosure.

    Statutory Invention Registration

    Learn how to make an invention public in order to avoid later patent interference claims.

    Ici on Parle Francais

    Je suis ingénieur électrique et agent des brevets licencié aux États-Unis. J'ai passé ma jeunesse au Québec, mais j'habite actuellement à Pittsburgh. J'ai fait la decouverte que le USPTO (bureau des brevets aux États) accepte, comme preuve de date d'invention, les documents de langues outre l'anglais. Les traductions (certifié) peuvent suivre jusqu'à un an plus tard. Donc moi aussi j'accepte, dans la majorité des cas, les documents en français provenant d'inventeurs québecois qui s'intéresseraient à poursuivre un brevet américain.

  • From telecommunications to biochemical to computerized trading, every classification of patent category differs. Ask for help determining where your idea belongs so that we can help you in researching the patent potential of your work, as well as advising you about the required intricacies in creating the provisional and final patent filings.